Friday, April 16, 2010

QNY Welcomes A New Voice - Habanasky

by Father Tony

Please join me in welcoming our first female QNY voice, Habanasky.

She is a Cuban born lesbian writer and poet. You'll have to ask her if the name she has chosen for this blog is pronounced Habanaski as if it were a Polish name, or, Habana Sky as in the lyric "There's full moon in the Havana sky tonight". Either way, I'm delighted that the QNY family now contains a female voice. We started out with an unintentional lack of diversity and I've made efforts to recruit good writers who are more reflective of the glorious diversity that is NYC. Let's hope she doesn't choke on the high level of testosterone in this room!

Habanasky, glad you're with us and looking forward to hearing from you often!


  1. Welcome! I look forward to reading your poetry and thoughts.

  2. Glad to have another team member! Welcome.

  3. Welcome! Tony has gathered a very interesting team of bloggers, so I really look forward to your unique contributions.

  4. Welcome Habanasky,
    We've been waiting for you! Looking forward to your poetry and perspective.

  5. Welcome Habansky. Delighted you're here.