Thursday, April 22, 2010


It was either late 70s or early 80s that I went to London to visit a friend and decided to have my hair bleached. I had it done at a trendy salon and only got a few stares from the English streets. However I traveled on to Paris for the fashion shows and was surprised by the reaction on the streets of Paris. They were freaking out! Turning all the way around as I walked past to stare, taking my photo at stoplights, even at the fashion tents I got some funny looks. I was more shocked at their reaction. After all this was Paris France not Toledo Ohio. A few years later avant guarde designer Jean Paul Gaultier bleached his hair blond....I like to think I inspired him.

Thankfully when I got to New York City the people on the streets paid me no mind....nothing shocks them, to my relief. It was on this NY trip that I met, with great pleasure, the artist Mel Odom. I kept my hair blond for a while until I just cut it all off one day.

In the top two photos I'm wearing a jacket by designer Norma Kamali, who I think to this day is the most original of the American designers. Remember the long "sleeping bag coat" that is still being copied. I have the original and consider it my vinyl fur coat it is so warm and cozy.

In the above photo, taken by celeb photographer Harry Langdon in Hollywood, I'm wearing a sweater by Kansai Yamamoto. Being blond was fun........


  1. Gorgeous photos David. WURK!!!

  2. Dear David,
    Please write about Mel Odom!
    (I'm looking for the photos of me during my bleached blonde summer.)

  3. Sweet baby cheeses your posts are the coolest.

    When you walk the streets today, do you see anyone who you think of as avant guarde?

  4. My link tells about Mel Odom....Google him dear.

  5. I did read the post you linked to. It made me want MORE!

  6. riot
    Check out Kayvon Zand a pretty avant guarde singer.