Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leslie Jordan's: My Life Down the Pink Carpet

Leslie Jordan, of "Will & Grace" and "Sordid Lives" fame (among so much else), opened a 12-week run in NYC of his autobiographical, "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet" last week.  You can get more information and available showtimes from the show's site.
He and Lily Tomlin, who is producing his show with Jane Wagner, were on "The View" this morning and have been making the press-junket rounds.  Even on The View he was hilarious which doesn't surprise me in the least.  I think he's one of those rare actors that has so much comedic talent just oozing from his pores that he must leave a trail of sloppy, laughing, people in his wake.  Thursday night I'm hoping to be one of them.

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