Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Does The Night Fall ...

By Habanasky

Why does the night fall when it knows that I won't hold you in my arms because you are so far. Does the night not realize that everytime it comes I think of you and feel so blue.
The stars look on me and the tears twinkle in their eyes because they know my heart is lonely without you and the wishes we made go undiscovered ... you are not by my side.
The moon has lost its glow as the darkness fills my soul and I can't bear to see how sad we've both become.
I once saw my reflection in your eyes, but now you won't take the time to find what we once felt, the energy that brought us to each other long before we met.
I once touched you and could feel your love, but now you push away my every thought, every caress.
I once knew what was in your heart, but now I feel like we are worlds apart and there's no reasoning or logic, but still you choose to give us up, to turn your back ... walk away and ignore the words I say.
So my cries go unheard and my words just blow into the wind ...
And everytime the night falls I hear them once again.


  1. Painfully beautiful. We are left wondering what might lie in the future. Because of what was, we hope.

  2. This ripped me open, and I think I needed that.