Friday, April 16, 2010

Mould & Morel's Blowoff:NYC - Friday, April 23rd

There are probably more hyped dance parties in New York then you can shake a stick at these days but I'm not sure any of them can come close to Bob Mould & Rich Morel's Blowoff.  Phenomenal music and a swelling crowd of humpy dudes for everyone's taste.
And luckily this isn't a review but a call to action: it's happening next week so everyone has time to make appropriate arrangements, launder their slightly faded, ironic-text t-shirt (that you'll end up taking off about a half hour into the thing anyway) and get their Friday evening disco naps in to be able to attend.
BlowOff: NYC
Friday April 23rd, 11:30pm - 4am @ Canal Room
285 West Broadway NYC
$15 in Advance / $20 at the door


  1. Blowoff is a great party. The Baadlamb and I went to one of the earliest ones in DC.