Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your Future Travel Guru Requests A Favor

By Tony Adams

By Tony Adams

Hey gang,
I'm in the application process of the competition to become the travel guru for
For the moment, one step of the application is to receive at least 25 "hearts" on a travel tip I've posted there.
Would you take a minute to follow the link below to my first travel tip, register on the site and click on the heart next to the title of the tip(this is cumbersome: register, do profile, get email verification, go back and login. I know.)
The heart should turn red when it registers your click.
There's a lot more to the application process, but this is the first step.


  1. I read all the requirements for the guru job and can't help but wonder, "Is there anyone else more qualified, networked, literate, snazzy, or experienced to do that job then our own Father Tony? I don't think so."

    Good luck!

  2. Beau, From your lips to god's ear!

  3. It wouldn't let me register for some reason. Tried 4 times, keeps telling me something re: password.

  4. Darling!,
    I wish I had an explanation but I don't. Thanks for trying and please please give it another shot. I need your heart!

  5. You have my heart. And now I'm signed up for gay travel alerts. This could be interesting. (I was able to register under the "join now" button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.)

  6. Thanks Birdie!
    Oh the places we'll go!

  7. I was having the same trouble Darling was, so is the solution joining the website? I'll give that a go.