Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 4, 2010

By Tony Adams

A typical NYC day:

8AM: Do laundry before the maids of the other building residents arrive for work and tie up all the machines in the basement.

1:20PM: phone call from Joan Rivers. She says "So you hung up after just three rings?"

3:30 PM: press "send" to transmit swiftly written Joan Rivers interview to editor.

3:45: walk five short blocks to the gym. Decide that this will constitute the aerobic portion of the day. Spend time in gym sauna with scratchy old straight men who used to run restaurants and nightclubs and are glad to unload their stories on me.

5:00PM: Husband has made a wonderful salad that he describes as "garlic and greens" containing minced garlic, quartered brussels sprouts, broccolini, scallions, one minced jalapeno, all sauteed in olive oil with a secret spice mixture and garnished with a shaved Romano and a red pepadew. (Next day he adds ginger and Belgian endive. I resent the endive.)

6PM: meet up with several of the QNY team at the Marian Boesky Gallery for the "Old Reliable" outsider porn show of the photographs of David Hurles (NSFW) presented by legendary John Waters. Much valuable discussion about the hotness of the men depicted in these extraordinary photos. Darling! and I thought they were hot. Baad Lamb and Dr. Jeff thought they were not hot. I think they are indicative of a certain time. 40 years ago. These men were so animalistic. So "bad boy". So low living. So sexually free. They were everything that we good and scrubbed boys were not. Of course we desired them. Desired to know them, love them, be them. So many crossed wires revealed in these photos. (Caution: This show and my video are NSFW)

Photos, NSFW video and more after the break.

6:30PM: John Waters agrees to be photographed with QNY. Moved by the proximity of a man he admires, Perry hugs and kisses Mr. Waters who looks at me and says "Hurry it up."

7PM: Perry Brass points to Raymond Dragon and wrongly identifies him as Joe Gage. I step up to Mr. Dragon who doesn't mind the mistake. 15 minutes later, someone approaches me and says "Mr. Gage, I have long admired your work." I asked him who had sent him to me and learned that the mischievous Perry Brass had been telling people that I was legendary porn director Joe Gage. I told the approachee "Thank you. Which of my films do you like the best?" He replied "The ones with bathroom scenes." I responded "Oh well those are so hard to film because the moisture tends to fog the camera lens. It's stop-wipe-start stop-wipe-start, but I'm glad you like them." Husband glaring at me explains to the approachee what is going on and points him to Mr. Gage a few feet away. (IN the photo are the real Joe G and Ray D)

8:30PM: We walk down to the Gay and Lesbian Center where I take a few photos of the men celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Men of All Colors Together".

10PM: The Baad Lamb and I encounter Scott Evill (East Village - eventhough he is now in Bushwick - Scott Buick?) in front of the Monster. The crowd around the piano is loud and atonal. The piano player thinks he is playing a set of impervious drums. Every song is identically unidentifiable. The Manhattan is bad. Scott introduces us to a friend who kisses him every six minutes.

11:30PM: emerging from the subway and walking near 67th and Columbus we encounter an alien. The costume, movement and mystique were totally puzzling. A hooker? A trans? A European? A drugged whatever? We don't get many of these up here, so we had to do a photo.

Tomorrow may be different.


  1. I once told JoeMyGod that I wanted to come to NYC just to have him narrate my day; he turns the mundane into gems. Although that would still be book-worthy, I've changed my mind: I will come to NYC, but I want you and the QNY crew to show me the real city. And I'LL write the narrative. You guys are something else.

  2. garsh - even your link to JOE GAGE is actually to Ray Dragon!

    Joe Gage is here - - has a nice blog, promotes his videos but there's a lot more to it than that. Dragon's site sells their videos (they've worked together on a few, and have an ongoing business relationship)

  3. Dear bj: thanks. That site did not show up in my brief search for the correct link so I assumed they were sharing a site.