Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention—and in this case reinvention—as a queer East Village monument launches itself into a new zone of live entertainment. The legendary Phoenix is now home to New York’s only queer music night/event, Courage, My Love. This landmark departure began with the trés successful pride weekend gala sendoff billed as “Gay Rage, Gay Magic”—featuring electronica and rock acts Skeleton Head, Horoscope, Little Victory and Mkng Frndz.

The sound was at the perfect volume, the music was energetic and moving, and the crowd simply loved it. DJ Damian of Nowhere’s Buddies Tuesday music party served as the perfect DJ, his musical “glue” in between acts and before the music even began was the perfect mood-setter for what would unravel as an unforgettable evening. Stay tuned for updates here or check out the “Phoenix Bar” and/or “Courage, My Love” Facebook pages for updates there, too. I'll post the upcoming acts and dates as soon as I can!

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