Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Standing On Ceremony - The Gay Marriage Plays

By Tony Adams
A star-studded collection of short marriage equality plays and a champagne drenched full-tilt wedding reception benefitted Marriage Equality New York, The Human Rights Campaign and New York Theater Workshop last  night at the  Angel Orensanz Center on Norfolk Street. (One of the plays began with Matthew Broderick stating - in character -  "I like cock." Who could ask for more?) Two of my favorites were Kathy Najimy's Maddy Marriage which she wrote and performed, and London Mosquitoes by Moises Kaufman performed by Judd Hirsch. Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer was the Event Chair.

Judd Hirsch and Kathy Najimy
Gloria Steinem and Kathy Najimy
Robin Kradles and Jeffrey Wallach

More photos (including handsome B.D. Wong) after the break.

B.D. Wong
Mistress of Ceremony Sybil Bruncheon and friends

Empress XIX Robin Kradles and Vicountess Witti Repartee
Bling Master Robert Sorrell
"Metamorphic Winds" ushered in the guests.

The cast


  1. Sorry I missed this night. Looked like a great one. One question I have is were there any straight performers participating as equality marriage supporters? I think that is where we can improve our chances of getting these laws changed. As in most historical changes, when we all band together change will happen.

  2. Dear T,
    Yes, there were. Matthew Broderick and Judd Hirsch are , I think, straight, and there were others.