Friday, June 25, 2010

Tom of Finland and Then Some, 25 June – 31 July 2010 at Feature Inc

TOM OF FINLAND : Untitled (preliminary drawing), undated; graphite on paper (left)
RICHARD PRINCE : Untitled (original), 2009; original illustration, collage, cloth bandana (right)

Gay? Like art? Erotic Art?
Are you in New York City on this pre-Pride Friday night?
Then there is only one place to be between 6 and 9 PM: Feature Inc. Gallery, 131 Allen Street in the Lower East Side, at the opening of the group show "Tom of Finland and Then Some".

"Tom" as the title suggests, is the most mainstream artist in this amazing collection; his intentionally exaggerated, idealized and caricatured male figures are now common enough to barely raise an... eyebrow, especially in New York. But if other names listed in the gallery link below are not familiar, be forewarned, you may feel more than a tingle at this show. The "and Then Some" in the second half of the show's title hints at the extreme edges of eroticism and fetishism mined by many of these artists (you know how to google; try a couple names you don't know and see what you find).

While there, don't miss the tantalizingly twisted vision of these two Farmboyz favorites brought together in this show:
Robert Fontanelli, who effortlessly combines wit, style and mid-century modern furniture (!) with just the right dose of sexual innuendo. He'll have you questioning why you're aroused, and then wandering around looking for more.

Scooter Laforge, who is still fearlessly barreling ahead like a very horny puppy wherever his libido takes him (and therefore us). Often it's a place richly drenched with child-bright colors not so subtly hiding the purely adult theme within. Go there now.

Tom of Finland and Then Some (Go here for all the NSFW stuff)
Scooter Laforge his site

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