Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Relaxing

By Tony Adams

We spent the day relaxing. Looking down from Riverside Drive at 68th Street, the pier and the green umbrellas of the adjacent cafe beckoned. We took the stairs down the hill (past the new volleyball courts!), dodged the speeding cyclists and skaters, and had to wait a few minutes to get a table in the shade.

While my husband acquired two beers and instructed me to select one without looking at the labels, I colorized a sketch of a shirtless man reading a paper in front of the Hudson River.

Further up on Riverside Drive there is a statue of the Baad Lamb.


  1. I had no idea the Baad Lamb was so famous! (His worthiness for a statue I was already well aware of.) I recently saw a living statue (in Galway) who had pigeons sitting on him. I assume strategically placed birdseed played a central role. Undoubtedly hygiene issues would prevent most from doing this, but it did complete the effect quite nicely.
    This sounds like it was the perfect way to spend Memorial Day in NYC.

  2. Patrick, thank you, you're too kind. Although I usually try to hide from the camera, I will oblige for the hubby.
    Luckily, T snapped the picture fast enough that no pigeons had time to reenact your Galway experience on me.
    As for the perfect way to spend Memorial Day, I'll assume you mean on the pier, not the plinth?

  3. They should certainly keep this here! No one loves The City like you do or has tramped more of its street or mapped it in his mind!