Friday, June 25, 2010

World Premiere: Florent "Queen of the Meat Market"

By Tony Adams

Last night was delightful!

We are pleased to invite you and a guest to join us as our guests on Thursday, June 24th at 8:00pm for the world premiere of Florent: Queen of the Meat Market. For one night only, taste a selection of original menu items from Restaurant Florent and watch the World Premiere of David Sigal's heartwarming film about the man behind the legendary restaurant. 
If you don't know the story of Florent Morellet and his fabled restaurant, here's some back story and another angle on last night. Throughout the screening I was wondering what place exists today in NYC that can compare to Florent. Where do you go at 5AM after a night out? Tonight's crowd was more lively than nostalgic, with Murray Hill shouting "Hey - Don't go anywhere with those fries!" And Jonathan Adler and I talking about how we rarely venture beyond our regular routes in the city and how dumb is that. And Michael Musto mumbling while having his yellow silk scarf adjusted. And Robin Byrd reporting that Om, her dog, is doing fine, thank you. And Andrew Tobias and I singing the praises of our mutual friend Mark King of The fresh mint in the signature drink of the evening, the "Spa Cooler", kept JMG and me afloat through the dazzling hours.

This slideshow of the evening is definitely NSFW whenever the Florent regulars hit the stage. If you view these photos here, you'll see the captions, names and descriptions.


  1. What a crowd! If the fabled Florent weren't enough, the event was packed with intelligentsia! JMG, Musto, Byrd, and Tobias under one roof? I'm swooning with envy. Thanks for sharing this!


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  3. I deleted the above comment because of the typos in it. I meant to say, "Nice that you know Mark King, I'm a fan of his too." But I was in a hurry, and got Nice screwed up. Anyway, it's nice that you know Mark. I mean it.