Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You still have time to get a t shirt for the Pride March

By Tony Adams

If you're thinking of marching with us, you certainly don't need a special t shirt, but if you want to get a QNY one, or one for your own blog, here's an easy way.

Today I went to the T shirt Gallery, 108 MacDougal Street 212 420-9261 with my design on a thumb drive and two light grey t shirts from American Apparel, and the nice man printed shirts for me and the Baad Lamb (while not losing track of the Australia/Slovenia soccer match!)  I also got one done for JoeMyGod with his logo and info. (I added my "Father Tony" name to mine on the front above the logo because that is how I appear on other blogs.) Also, as your group marshall I'll have backpack. The one below is for the Baad Lamb and has his logo on the back.

The price is $12 if you supply the shirt or $22 if you buy one of shirts at the shop (Forewarned: he doesn't have all sizes in all colors and brands, so you might want to call ahead.)
If you want to use this design, copy this:

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