Monday, June 28, 2010

nyc pride


  1. IIRC Cnn had a post about NYCPride and mentioned NYCGay Bloggers.

    Marching with you guys was really great. Tony and his hubbie are so nice and welcoming. Patrick and his BF (Bill?)... ditto, very cool dudes. It really was an amazing experience.

    -jeff (one of the few non-bloggers who marched with u guys)

  2. Jeff, it was great getting to meet you too, glad you were there and had a good time. Bill and I both had a great time hanging out with you. I was meeting most people for the first time myself, and had the same reaction you did: very cool folks. With any luck it won't be another year before we cross paths.
    Sean, can't wait to see what your camera captured from the day.

  3. What a fine-looking group. I wish I could have marched with (and, in some cases, met) my fellow bloggers, but I was freaking out about all of the things I need to do before the moving van arrives on Saturday.

  4. Don't know if Justin posts here or read this blog but my friend said that Justin reminded him of CSI's Grissom.

    And some dude on joemygod I think had the hots for Justin.

    Just some random thoughts.