Thursday, March 18, 2010

Calling All Queer Bloggers

By Father Tony

I have just registered our group for the Sunday June 27, 2010, New York City Pride March.

New York bloggers and digital activists should contact me to be a part of our group. Queer bloggers from out of town who plan to be in NYC that weekend are also invited.
I will need to register everyone in our group by name, so please be sure to contact me.

I'm thinking new banner, new t shirt design, more razzle dazzle?

Last year we had great fun:


  1. I will bring both razzle and dazzle.

  2. Riot, I never would have suspected otherwise!

  3. Didn't Chris C. recommend riding on a big float shaped like a computer mouse so that we could all jump up and down and make it click?
    That's pretty razzly-dazzly.

    I'm in!

  4. A float would be fun. We'd need a sponsor. Shouldn't be too hard to get one. Let me investigate.