Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn it On

By baad lamb

The winning NYC condom design has been
announced. The internationally understood push-the-button-and-turn-it-on symbol clearly suggests a different tactile activity when used on a condom.

As a bold graphic on a condom wrapper, I like it. The easy double and triple entendres just keep coming and coming. As a New York-centric design, I’m not feeling it.

But the 30 second commercial spots in jazz, Latin and hip-hop versions are catchy, colorful and fun, and of course every version features a male couple in the mix.

Below is the subway poster ad to be used in the East and West Villages.

NYC distributes 3 million free condoms a month. How many of them did you use?

1 comment:

  1. This was the entry I voted for so I'm glad to see it won. I agree with you that it isn't NYC-focused and I LOVED the subway ones first released.

    Still, this bold graphic says what it needs to say and makes for a great wrapper.