Wednesday, March 24, 2010

QNY Wine List: A Delicious Sauvignon Blanc

By Brooklyn Bill

On Saturday, some friends and I enjoyed a wonderful sauvignon blanc from New Zealand's Marlborough wine region, which is known mostly for its SBs. (And to a much lesser extent, for its king shag, which sounds like a royal fucking but is actually a rare seabird.) It was the delicious 2009 Fairhall Downs, which I found to be quite lively and citrusy. (I have to admit that I failed to detect the "suggestion of box hedge.")

I find that Marlborough SBs are among the safest of wine bets when I'm buying an unfamiliar label. The only characteristic that throws some of them off for me is a strong green-pepper flavor. Thankfully, the Fairhall Downs lands on the thiols end of the methoxypyrazine/thiols SB spectrum.

The sticker price was $16.99 at Shawn Wine & Spirits. I'll be picking up more.

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  1. Box hedge has a distinctive smell. Think Paris parterre. It's a bitter, crisp clean scent. Not unpleasant but good only as a hint.