Monday, March 8, 2010

Todd Pavlisco Hammers Art Home at Volta NY 2010

Posted by baad lamb

Yes, he really did it, and in a three-channel video to be sure you catch it from every angle, near and far. Todd was on hand to chat about this video performance, perhaps so we’d all know he’s OK. As he was explaining to one inquisitor, he consulted with doctors, who helpfully showed him the best placement of the nail to avoid “permanent” damage, and that using a tri-flanged nail would splay the internal stuff outward during penetration.  Mr. Pavlisco also volunteered that when making the video, he did his best to hammer softly, so as not to offend the neighbors.
In the video, once the nail had been securely pounded through foot and into floor, he force-slid his foot upwards along the nail till there was about 2” of nail showing underneath. Oddly, there was no blood until he pulled the nail out at the end.


  1. Oh honey honestly I hope you slapped him after watching that.
    I'd have told him that even though his career as an artist is bound to fizzle, he can always find work in acupuncture.

  2. I know that if you have to ask why, it doesn't matter what the answer is; but I don't understand this as a statement of art. *sigh* Sometimes I just feel clueless when it comes to art.