Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Else Could She Throw?

First she threw the Snowpocalypse.

Then came Snowmageddon‘s one-two sucker punches.

And last weekend was a monsoon rain of truly biblical proportions.

Just when it seemed that New York had had enough, and there was nothing left to throw at us, Mother Nature decided to reward our perseverance and throw a giant Party!

On Saturday, with bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid seventies, everyone in New York accepted her invitation, and raced to Central Park.

Since it’s still so early in the season, the Sheep Meadow’s gates were not yet open, which meant the relaxing flocks had to choose other locations for striping off their shirts and shoes and setting up their picnic spots. This had the surreal effect of leaving New York’s front lawn serene and empty, while the normally more sedate pathways, glades and rocks surrounding it were gloriously full, as thousands of First Day of Spring celebrants gamboled about.

If you were one the few who had other plans for the day, here’s a ridiculous amount of photos and video of the scene from 1 to 3 PM as the party builds. Things got even more joyous as the day went on, but you’ll have to take my word for it. New Yorkers were fully charged, but my camera battery was not.

No bears on Bear Hill!




  1. Disco Grannie looks as fit as ever, and Bladey Flowness hasn't changed, but the winter seems to have added a few pounds to Bottle Head! He used to be so ripped! He's filling out his harem-towel pants more than last year. Werkin that elastic waste band. I love the picture of the picnickers next to the glacier.

  2. One is tempted to book a trip to the east coast to spend an afternoon on the above mentioned bear hill.

  3. Dear kb, if I didn't just see evidence of a booked flight, right now I would be commenting "all talk, no action".
    Not yet sure of FT's schedule, but we look forward to reciprocating dinner (don't expect Masa or Per Se!).

  4. I'm looking forward to it. Not sure where I'm staying yet but all that will come in due time! Now... get to starting plotting that Memorial day bear hill.

  5. I didn't watch the videos but from all the pictures I can truly say, That's a LOT of people!