Friday, March 5, 2010

The Perfect NYC home?

I swear I wouldn't change a thing. The colors, the lines, the finishes. All perfect.

And her star-shaped house in the Hamptons ain't so bad.

(Bruce Buck photo for the NYTimes)

But then there's Rush Limbaugh's New York pad which is for sale....


  1. I love the Limbaugh apartment. It's very "Marie Antoinette in the French Grenadines."

  2. Sounds like Ms. Abramovic is a real peach of a woman. Three days? My, my. Then again, with a pad like that, I would be chasing people out of my place so they wouldn't mar the furniture. That is one heck of a place she has, and I can't stand greens but prefer reds.

    What money can do... I really am a decor pig...