Sunday, March 7, 2010

Night Gallery

Posted by baad lamb

Look out! There are contemporary art shows everywhere you step this weekend. I’ll see how many my feet and wallet can handle Saturday and Sunday, but scoping out the Scope New York show in a Friday midnight stroll to Lincoln Center, here’s what I found:

On the ground near the entrances
are the beautiful sand painting mandalas, swirls, tentacles and borders by artist Joe Mangrum.

Only a little art was visible through the windows:
Looking through one, this sculpture stands guard over a Spencer Tunick.
Beau, are you in that picture, too?

I know somebody who will want these Silver Sneaks.

Marilyn, Monster. Monster, Marilyn.

Preserving the midnight ambiance, I did not use the flash, so the embiggened pics are all somewhat blurry and desaturated. Here are some more sand painting details:
The center of the second mandala                           Shipping container signage

Down Low                           Intricate overlap                        Border Crossing

Tentacles                                               Swirls

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