Friday, March 19, 2010

Shiny Black and Wet after Midnight

by baad lamb
The recently revised Revson Fountain at the "center" of Lincoln Center is bigger, darker, shinier and sleeker than the original. Greater quantities of more powerful jets shoot better lit frothy streams higher into the air. After midnight, when late winter cold keeps posing couples and crowds away, boys can play with their cheap digital cameras as long as frozen fingers will function. The surrounding darkness combined with the brightly lit water jets enhances the reflection factor and fascinates those easily amused (yup, count me in).

Both videos are best viewed full screen. "Horizontal" starts slightly static, but interest increases about 35 seconds in.
Then check out "Vertical" after the jump. 

The late-hour lack of traffic noise allows total emersion in the splashing sound. While floating away on this aural wave, the sound perfectly illustrates itself as a visible soundtrack that accidentally pops onto the screen on a malfunctioning old movie projector. Heightening the metaphor, the lights flicker and flash off near end of "Vertical". I thought it was for good, but then they pop right back on.

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