Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zero Hour

By Father Tony

Seeing this on JMG reminded me that I saw Zero Hour two years ago when it played to a very appreciative Florida audience.

From my review of that production:
Then the house lights were extinguished, and from the very first second of “Zero Hour”, it became clear that Jim would drive, and that there would be cliffs, hairpin turns, dangerous intersections, and even a sideways hurdling M-15 Crosstown bus. Not to worry, he got us through the evening intact and thrilled with the ride. Be forewarned: this is not your grandmother’s one-man show. This is a startling, electrifying and explosive two-hour tour of a man who has a lot to say and doesn’t have time to make nice or to wait for us to ask the right questions.

Jim and his partner Steve are delightful, talented and sumptuously entertaining.

Zero Hour
DR2 Theater on E15th Street Union Square
telecharge.com 212 239-6200

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