Thursday, March 25, 2010


By Darling!

The rainbow balloon arches greeted us as we descended the Javitz Center escalators to the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans gender Expo of 2010.
There were so many displays of Gay owned and/or Gay friendly organizations and businesses to choose from....that it was all a bit overwhelming.

Starting with the major companies like Avon skincare where I encountered Billy Kolber a hairy bear version of an Avon lady (I'm planning a future post on reducing dark under eye circles so stay tuned) , the fabu Cirque De Soleil, and Mohegan Sun Resorts, down to the lesser known all natural Mantra Skincare that will not only smooth your dry skin but will strengthen your inner spirit. There was the wonderful Heritage of Pride which brings us the Gay Pride Parade and Pier Dance each year (sorry I missed you Mo Mo), and the Florida Keys-Key West booth where I met the charming Stephen K. Smith.

There were several live half naked boys (always an eye catcher in my book)

More and photos, after the jump!

Gustavo hawking Tupperware,

and Gymnasiums (His name is Lotfi). Along with varies Gay guides, magazines and pamphlets, and even a N.Y. Metro subway guide map. Needless to say there was something for everyone!

The largest crowds seemed to gather around the Bud Lite beer stand

and the bucking bronco bull riding machine (which made for an interesting combo).

However the feather and flower displays available for your future wedding or party event were so lovely that I immediately signed up for the "Partners Unite - Find the Relationship of a Lifetime" booth as well as the Life Partner Insurance....just in case.

I did fall in love briefly with a cute little black and white Smart Car that matched my outfit and was later cruised by a pretty young thing passing out free passes to an "Outrageous" club party. Sadly I doubt I will see either one again. But it was fun, fun, fun!

But seriously, there was one thing that touched me (besides the 6' tall skinhead in the Playboy bunny drag) this was a black and white rubber bracelet (which I am wearing as I type this) that states simply "ONE HUMAN FAMILY" (the official philosophy of Key West Florida) and what better thought to come away with from an event like this.


  1. I enjoyed your report, Darling. Did you check to make sure Alfredo's seal was airtight? ;-)

  2. Sorry I corrected the name to Gustavo but still thought your joke was cute....thanks BB.