Monday, March 8, 2010

The German Shepherd, the Archbishop of New York, the Harvard doctor and the truth about HIV transmission

By Tony Adams

There is so much more to a realistic strategy for preventing the spread of HIV than just championing an anti-sex position that is also unsuccessful. Wouldn't education-plus-condoms be a better strategy? Getting lathered over the fact that reliance on condoms used inconsistently might increase the spread of HIV, will the bishops also say, because some men with an undetectable viral load by dint of the new HIV meds are now feeling more inclined to have sex, that those meds ought to be withheld? Shouldn't Catholic hospitals refrain from distributing HIV meds that, like condoms, will result in more sex? The bishops ought to stay on message: the love of Jesus, and get out of the bedroom.

Once again, this is all about the bishops' obsession with the placement of the penis during sex.  They should clean their own houses (including the houses of prostitution that they seem to be mismanaging) before telling Africa what not to do. Magpies.

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