Monday, January 4, 2010

Bomb Scare At Times Square - NYPD Drops Ball Big Time

Posted by Donnie

Recently, CBS reported that an abandoned van was noticed in the middle of Times Square shortly before New Year's Eve. Malfeasance in not inspecting the van in timely fashion which posed a clear security risk has been admitted by the NYPD. It's a serious matter given that the van was across the street from the NASDAQ ticker. To make matters worse, the van was parked very close to the exact location where an explosive device was detonated near the military recruitment station in March of 2008. ( That case is unsolved.) Reports are appearing that an authentic looking identification card issued by an organization called Detective Crime Clinic was displayed on the dash board. Many of these bogus placards which mimic legal parking permits are placed in cars with the intent of avoiding a summons or having one's car towed. A website called uncivil servant has long lobbied against bogus, legal or improper use of official parking permits. The organization photographs and publishes the offenders on their website. The owner of the van has been identified George Freyre, a street peddler from New Jersey. The van contained knockoff Burberry Scarves. It has long been known in law enforcement that the illegal counterfeit goods organizations have ties to terrorism and organized crime syndicates. This incident as well as the recent explosion onboard the Delta Northwest flight are strong evidence that our city and nation are still vulnerable to terrorism.

(AP photo)

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