Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gay Homicide Mystery In Louisiana

By Donnie

Friends of Robert Le Compte toast his life at a recent fund raiser held in his memory, but the Houma Police Department and Terrebone Parish Sheriff's in Louisiana are still seeking clues in the brutal Christmas homicide of Robert Le Compte. Le Compte,  who was gay and open about his HIV positive status, worked as bartender, and was killed inside The Drama Club, a gay bar located in Houma, Louisiana.

Local news KFDM has reported that even with over two weeks of investigation into the killing,  police still have few leads or suspects. As in this or any other homicide investigation, the first 48 hours in a homicide investigation are critical. This is because witness recollection, video recordings, evidence and emotions of parties involved are heightened.

Police Detectives have stated that Robert Le Compte was found stabbed to death on the dance floor inside the Drama club. A note was also left at the scene accusing Robert Le Compte of giving his killer HIV. During the investigation, police interviewed his roommate and owner of the club,  Randall Chesnut, who told investigators that $4000 in club revenue had been removed. As such, a motive of robbery may also be a factor in the Le Compte homicide.

It should be noted that Houma was the venue for the infamous gay serial killer Joseph Dominique who was sentenced in 2008 for killing over 20 gay men. This may or may not be relative. More disturbing is the possibility that a copy cat serial killer could be emerging.

(photo Houma Today Teressa Pace Correspondent)

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