Saturday, January 2, 2010

A QNY Book Review: The City Outside My Window - (with bonus voyeurism)

By Father Tony

Friends Christmas-gifted us with Matteo Pericoli's The City Out My Window, subtitled 63 Views on New York.

This is a collection of Pericoli's line drawings of the views of 63 well-known New Yorkers. The premise and the conclusion are fascinating: each New Yorker owns a small private view that is not postcard-spectacular but becomes his or her portal to the world. Seeing someone's private view is an act of voyeurism akin to looking in someone's bedroom or medicine cabinet.  Seeing their view is an intimacy shared. Also, from Paul Goldberger's introduction:

What is less in our control than a city view? We can choose not to live somewhere, but that is about as far as most of us go in determining what we look at from our window. Once we move in, we are captives of what is outside the window, whether it is an expanse of skyline, an array of rooftops, a sliver of green, or a dark airshaft. A view is like a mate: you must be sure you want to live with it, because you cannot really change it. And you have to be prepared for the fact that it may change of its own accord.

I asked the Queer New York team to photograph and share with you their private views. After the jump are their responses plus two of Pericoli's line drawings.





Brooklyn Bill's:


Dr. Jeff's:

Mine and the Baad Lamb's:

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