Monday, January 25, 2010

Gay Networking Event: NYC Times Square Jockathon

Posted by Beau

For any and all interested, is co-sponsoring their annual Jock-a-thon networking and social event tomorrow, Tuesday January 26th, from 6pm - 9pm at Dave & Buster's on 42nd between B'way and 8th.

The event is being advertised as a one-stop recruiting, information, and meet-n-greet for all the LGBT sports groups, their admirers, and those interested in participating or admiring them.  Groups include running, wrestling, volleyball, softball, sailing, bowling, cheerleading, rugby, tennis, basketball, and a gaggle of others.  It's a hallmark to have a community so diverse and large enough to support over 30 different kinds of sports and recreation teams.

I have no clue whether anyone will actually be wearing jocks or gets anything more than the standard groping and ogling but I know these social events pull in hundreds of people and can be a ton of fun.  I'm a member of Front Runners, the gay running group, so I'm going just because I have never been to one of these events or ever been considered a jock in my knock-knee'd life.

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