Thursday, January 21, 2010

Riding the Bus


  1. I'm always a wee nervous about taking photos on public transit for fear that the enclosed environment makes people feel more exposed. Often I see stealthily shots photos from iPhones of men the shooter thinks is hot and I wonder how soon a beat down will occur for that. Yet often I see amazing examples of human frailty and spirit on my commute that I want to capture and share. It's a quandry of respecting the other person while also seeing something amazing.

  2. I think I snapped this late one evening while riding a fairly empty bus. Often times people never notice their photo being taken because digital devices are so ubiquitous these days, and because someone is always invading your personal space anyway in NY.

    I've asked friends how often a "hot guy" will ever notice a stealth photo and not one has ever had something bad happen because of it.