Thursday, January 7, 2010

New York Will Have a Hotel Axel in Hell's Kitchen

By Father Tony
(thanks to JoeMyGod for the tip)

Yippee! Great news! We've been guests of the Hotel Axel in Barcelona and in Buenos Aires. They were both excellent. In addition to the luxurious spa facilities, the great food, the attentive and attractive service and the fact that Axel always chooses the right neighborhoods for their locations, they hold a variety of regular social events that attract an interesting local crowd.

Here's the rooftop of the Axel Barcelona:

In Key West last year, I met Juan Julia, the owner of the Axel Hotel chain. Entirely coincidental was the fact that I was wearing the official Axel t shirt.

Here's a party we attended at the Hotel Axel Buenos Aires.


  1. I visited the Axel in BA and would never, ever go back there again. First, it was all NYers and gays from places such as Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Springs, LA etc.

    I'd much rather stay at a small and well designed boutique hotel for a fraction of the price and be surrounded by interesting people that do more than go to the gym. My life here in NY is gay enough. I don't need to stay in a 'hetero friendly' hotel when traveling to a 'hot gay destination'.

    Not surprising it's going to be in HK here in NY. Seems to fit their demographic perfectly. Cheers to more bad parties in HK!

  2. Obviously, that was not at all our experience. Americans seemed to be in the minority.
    PS: anonymous comments sometimes mean the writer has something to hide. Bitter and cynical party of one?