Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Jets - See you at Gym Bar!

Posted by Donnie

This week my friend Bob Herbert over at the New York Times opined about his addiction to the New York Jets. His sentiments reflect those of many New Yorkers who are fans of the team. My personal Jet addiction commences as a 15 year old New York Boy living in Brooklyn when Broadway Joe showed up at a football game sporting a fur coat. This marked the genesis of the  "sports diva" and  New York, of course, was the birthplace. As David Bowie would say FA FA FA FA Fashion.

Joe also became what is now commonly now called a metrosexual . Assuming you accept this definition of metrosexual,  Joe, who is straight, more than qualified when he displayed his hairy legs in a  panty hose commercial .  His appearance was very very controversial at the time. Looking back, it was a seminal moment shattering conventional notions of masculinity in marketing and advertising . Many consider that commercial an example of the commercial closet.

Now the Jets are led by the first Hispanic quarterback in football. The very hot Mark Sanchez. He has also appeared in commercials and is considered a linchpin for the NFL in recruiting and marketing to the Latino community.

Last nite the 2009 New York Jets secured a playoff berth when they dominated the Bengals 37-0. Look for all the boys and Jet divas to be at the Gym Bar, 167 8th Avenue, this weekend as the JETS take on the Bengals in their first playoff game in three years. Go Green Divas!

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