Tuesday, January 12, 2010

QNY Goodbye: Joe Rollino

By Father Tony

In New York City, the deceptive privacy of plaster separates us from fascinating people we may never meet until we learn about them the day after their deaths. A daily check of the New York Times obituaries isn't a morose caressing of the winged hourglass, but rather a celebration of character and the valuable acquisition of the stories of each of our neighbors. I remember how I felt when reading that Brooke Astor had died. A few feet and some thin walls and windows separated me from her deathbed as I had walked to the gym. I knew about her life without ever having met her and now I'd lost the chance.

But there are also folks like Joe Rollino who are essential to our celebration of the city and who pass among us unrecognized until their final passing. We need to know their stories as well.

The constantly regenerative process of the city would happen without our notice, were it not for reports like this, and so we share them.

Photo: John Wood/oldtimestrongman.com

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