Monday, January 11, 2010

Radiant Cynthia Nixon Warms Up Freezing Miami Beach

By Father Tony

I chatted with native New Yorker, Cynthia Nixon, at the fabulous Shore Club on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Saturday, January 9, 2010. She was in town specifically to help the ACLU kick off its three-year campaign to end Florida's ban on gay adoption that dates back to 1977 and Anita Bryant. Standing behind Cynthia in this photo is Martin Gill.

The raw uncut video of my interview, after the jump.

In this video, the man in the white tie is Brandon Hensler, ACLU-Florida's Director of Communications, who asked that there be no questions about Cynthia's upcoming Sex and the City movie. Ever the yenta, I had to ask about her marriage plans.

(Big thanks to cameraman and Hell's Kitchener Bob Wilson.)

For the complete story about the situation in Florida and for more about the beautiful family of Martin Gill and his partner, check out my article on Bilerico.


  1. "Ever the yenta..." that gave me a huge smile. Thanks for the great interview!