Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The NYC Morning Commute: Subway Cruising

I'm reminded of the various inconsequential things I love about NYC during mornings when I commute on the 6 train down to my company's office: All the jostling, herding, and vigilance we as NYC subway riders are expected to endure and participate in is overshadowed by my love of watching hot dudes during their own morning commutes.

Especially now in the dead of winter when everyone is bundled and wrapped up, sheathed in thick, wool coats, and wound into complex, knotted scarves, their faces are framed onto a neutral background making it that much easier for me to be a voyeur.  While I do not have a particular fetish for corporate office drag per se, I do like the look of a guy all gelled, coiffed, and serious, waiting to start his day.  My personal preferences for facial hair and more of a hirsute look aside, Morning Mad Men kind of just send me skipping along with a lighter, happier heart.

And if one of these guys just happens to catch my wandering eye and gives me the internationally-recognized smirk in recognition of gay brotherhood, well, that generates enough heat right in the middle of my chest to keep me warm and floaty through the din and madness of Grand Central Station, all the way to my office. Is there a better way to start a work day?


  1. Beau, we have friends who have attended a regularly scheduled NYC event called "Men in Suits" for those who like the "Mad Men" look. They have expressed post-attendance satisfaction.

  2. Hmm...I wrestle with intention versus random happenstance about such things. I like having such things as a background to my ordinary, rather unremarkable day.

    But it is nice to know that people's particular interests can be bundled together and presented as an opportunity for further pursuit.

  3. That is why I mention it. It's one of those "only in new york will you find..." things.

  4. There's a "Men in suits" style thing in SF as well that I've been meaning to attend.