Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random NYC Street Minute: The Blue Store in Chelsea

Random, quintessential gay NYC experience:  My husband and I meandered our way from dinner at Cuba Cafe to catch "A Single Man" (loved it, by the way...go read Patrick's review), and happened by The Blue Store, the local porn shop dead center in Chelsea's 8th Avenue cat-walk.  By the time it took us to walk the twenty feet past the store front, we'd bumped into one friend going in to find "fun things" for he and his partner's 8th anniversary and then met up with a second friend coming out where he explained he had just stopped in to "get warm."  We totally called him out on that lame excuse which got us a little giggle and smile as we left.


  1. Lesson: Privacy and anonymity are an illusion in New York. There are at least three live cams on our block. I think one of them looks into our windows! I think they are called security cameras but that security is just a virtual sensation. Assume everyone sees everything, so don't try to say you guys didn't go into the Blue Store!

  2. Well of COURSE we were headed into the Blue Store but with all that damn socializing out on the frigid street, we didn't get a chance to in before we had to get to the movie theater. I feel another trip down to Chelsea coming upon us next week, tho.