Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mini Food Review: Grilled Gruyere Cheese Sandwich from E.A.T.

Why I'm posting this crap-ass picture of a mostly eaten sandwich...
I have to apologize for the crap picture of what was an absolutely delicious grilled cheese sandwich from E.A.T. on the Upper East Side, especially after the phenomenal photography talent posting to Queer New York Blog, but by the time I'd actually come to my senses after being food-dazzled and remembered I had my iPhone on me, it was all that was left.  That being said, I hope the picture conveys the buttery deliciousness that was this sandwich.

My husband and I have come upon Food Network's new "Best I Ever Ate" series which we adore in a way that is starting to inform our city travels as well as future plans (we've mapped the short drive out to Fairfield, CT. for a famous fried hotdog with blue cheese coleslaw, for Zod's sake).  From their show "Cheesy", this Gruyère on Sour Dough bread sandwich was highly recommended by Ina Garten and since I live here in the city where this and many other restaurants featured call home, I had to go try it.

From the picture above, you have to know I just didn't even waste time putting it back on the plate.  I would take a bite of the cheesey-buttery goodness and then slowly savor it while holding the rest of the sandwich until I could stuff the next bite in.  Hi, I'm from Ohio and don't think those UESers appreciated my fine, farm-raised eattin' style but, whatevs, Mary.

And while we skipped dessert we were treated to, and participated in, NYC not-star-fucking by getting to stand behind Glenn Close at the deli counter.  We could only imagine her head-to-toe NYC black and "don't-even-think-of-talking-to-me" sunglasses were more about having jet-packed in from LA the night before after the Golden Globes so we admired her from no so afar.  Definitely less calories than getting dessert and makes for a better New York ending.

E.A.T. is located at 1064 Madison Ave (betw 80th and 81st).  FoodNetwork's "Best I Ever Ate" airs new episodes on Fridays at 10pm EST with repeats airing throughout the week.  Glenn Close is just fabulous.

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  1. Hi Beau RN... You're right, the photo is bad, but I really do understand. You meant to take a photo of the sandwich, you wanted to, you probably thought about it but couldn't stop eating until you reached your "happy ending". You are forgiven. Thanks for the great blog post. You have great taste. I'm now your follower! Since you like to sandwich, come visit my blog too. Thanks a million, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)