Sunday, January 3, 2010

A QNY Brunch Review: Tom's Restaurant

By Brooklyn Bill

Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights is a Brooklyn institution that looks like it fell out of a just-cracked-open time capsule. I had an enjoyable brunch there yesterday with Joey.

I arrived at the diner a little before our meeting time of 1, and there was a line out the door. I'd expected one based on what I'd read about the place online but was hoping the bitter cold might have kept people away.

Waiters offered coffee and strawberries and cream to those on line. It was good strong coffee.

Joey and I caught a lucky break by being a twosome and were able to leapfrog ahead of some larger groups. I ordered Sweet Potato Pancakes with crispy bacon; Joey got a vegetable omelette with French fries and wheat toast.

The Mango Walnut Pancakes would have been my second choice. The Lemon Ricotta Pancakes also sounded interesting. I was definitely gonna get pancakes.

The SPPs came with three kinds of butter—lemon, cinnamon, and strawberry—and syrup. I enjoyed them, though the sweet potato–ness came through more in color than in flavor.

The interior of the restaurant is more than a little cramped but it's homey and kitschy. The service was friendly and attentive to our coffee needs.

I'll be back.

And now for a few more photos. First up, a couple of shots of the still Christmasy exterior:

And a couple shots of the crowded, cute, and—above our table—churchy interior:

And Joey:

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