Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barclays Capital Grove

Posted by Father Tony

You don't see this intriguing little park from Columbus Avenue when you walk by Lincoln Center. It's between Avery Fisher Hall and The New York Public Library of the Performing Arts /Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater/Vivian Beaumont Theater. The Paris evocative crushed stone is slightly elevated. The London Plane trees are regimentally clipped. The chairs are mid-century wow-wire. To one side is a Henry Moore floating on water. In front of the library is a crouching Calder. There is so much about Lincoln Center to enjoy and so much more to come as the renovations are completed. We'll be bringing it all to you (plus a tirade about the new cafe), but for now, here's a clickable picture of the Baad Lamb relaxing in the Barclays Capital Grove.

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