Thursday, December 10, 2009

PAPI - Queer New York Slang

Posted by Father Tony

I like papi. It is not limited to men or women, young or old.
Do not confuse it with "daddy" or "silver daddy" just because of its specific etymology.
Sighing "Ai papi" while having sex is a good thing. ( I once met a man who sighed "Oy papi" from the depths of his melting pot....)

Being called "papi chulo" is always a good thing.

Be advised, Spanish-speakers may argue about this word's connotations but I have never heard it used pejoratively. Also, "papi" is not the plural of "papo" which is an acceptable version of "papi".


  1. Have you notice that online it seems to be abbreviated to "PA"? I was a bit confused when I was first thus addressed.

  2. Riot, are you sure you are not just reading the abbreviation for Prince Albert? Where did you encounter this, ManHunt? :)

  3. Initially when I moved to Harlem I assumed the men addressing me this way were making fun of me, but I've come to realize most of them are sincere. The women are more likely to use 'mi amor.'