Monday, December 21, 2009

Ex New Yorker Boy George Back In The News.

Posted by Donnie

The BBC is reporting that British Probation Officers have denied permission for Boy George to appear in the British version of Big Brother. The Boy is appealing the decision. Many state that the British version which is very popular is better than the American version. George was being cast to stay in a home with Pamela Anderson of Bay Watch Fame and rap artist MC Hammer, and to me that would be punishment in itself.

George is currently on probation after the British courts found him guilty of handcuffing and imprisoning a Swedish male escort Auden Carlson.

The "Boy" lived in New York for a while and was busted in October of 2005 here in New York City for having cocaine in his residence. This was when he was working with Rosie O'Donnell in the "TABOO" Broadway show. He was sentenced to community service and was required to sweep up our Broadway streets.


  1. The Baad Lamb and I saw Taboo. Rosie should have been forced to sweep Broadway for that.

  2. I saw the original in London and thought quite sweet, I also saw the B'way production but thought it worked better as a smaller show. Never the less, the actor that played the young Boy George was very talented