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Posted by Donnie
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Do you wear pink shirts? Do you love men in pink shirts? Do you reflect on whether wearing pink is appropriate? Is wearing pink so vogue, hipster and metro sexual that it's no longer fashion taboo or an indictment of one's sexual orientation? Has the gay stigma of wearing pink been removed as evidenced by stars such as Tiger above along with press labeled "metro sexual" soccer star Ronaldo ?

Not too long ago, a man wearing a pink shirt conjured images of "gay", queer, effeminacy, being a sissy boy and displayed a de facto admission of being a homosexual, as in " real men don't wear pink".

For myself and many,  wearing pink is a natural calling. Just like certain plants attract certain birds and butterflys, we in the gay community have always embraced pink. I own several pink dress shirts, pink golf shirts and tee shirts. The BBC has a great essay on Pink Shirts which made me reflect on this topic. But to many, especially the religious right,  wearing pink is in sync with a larger issue which they claim is the feminizing of the American male. See Discovery, and Voice of America

One article I found commenting on the current vogueness of men to wear pink stated; "holy pussification batman" . An essay from China stated it's cool and Metro-sexual to wear pink. The artist Jessica Simpson who wore a pink football jersey during a losing effort by the Dallas Cowboy fans condemned pink as a "bad luck symbol. A blog called preserving manhood, a satirical site, ran an article attesting to the death of a man who dared to wear pink stating; "first straight man to wear pink dies of over inflated sense of fashion!

Speaking of thinking pink, what are your thoughts?

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