Monday, December 28, 2009

QNY Wine List: An Organic Malbec

By Father Tony

Here's a great bottle of Malbec and you can find it in Manhattan. Details after the break.

The 2007 Vicien Malbec Reserve is an excellent $10 choice for your holiday celebrations. You can find it at 67 Wine (corner of Columbus Ave and W68th St, 212 724-6767).

It's an organic wine. I'm not sure how significant that fact is. I've wondered if, in a blind taste test, I'd be able to pick out an organic wine from the non-organics. In any case, this wine is pure velvet. With a medium finish and not particularly complex, it is like that guest at your table who is always cordial, sociable, and radiant but never hogs the conversation or gropes your other guests under the table, not that I've ever known anyone like that.... I always think of New Yorker Claudette Colbert when I drink this wine.

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  1. The thrill of drinking an excellent wine and thoughts of Claudette Colbert at the time can be overwhelming...Not considered a beautiful sexy star but certainly had the glamore charm and intelligence far beyond sexy. She was a classy lady with talent not obtained by newer stars of today.. Nunzio Manhattan