Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Queer New York Subway Moment

By Father Tony

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag and dragging a wheelie, I get into the B train and deliver my question.

“Does this stop at 42nd Street?”

A very pretty blonde lady seated in front of me shakes her head no.

“I guess that means I need to get off at 59th because I need to connect with the E.”

“No, you should stay on until 50th and transfer to the E there.”

“Thanks, Jessica, but I’ve been told that I’d have to get out at 50th Street station and re-enter and re-pay to get on the E there, so I’m not taking your advice even though you are Cricket Blair’s mother and John Abbott married you before you died. Out of pity.”

She was laughing as I got out at 59th.


  1. "And your kids nearly hooked up before they found out they were siblings. Tres Toys In The Attic."

    I love it.

  2. I know! Paging Dr. Grainger! And, is there anyone that John Abbott wouldn't marry or at least bed? Even Kay Chancellor got a ride!