Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NYC Upcoming Events - And where did Autumn go?

Last weekend I felt the first shift out of the mild NYC Fall we've had, and into the colder Winter months.  The radiators are hissing half time.  Wet snow-ish stuff came down with the rain on Saturday.  Forgetting to bring a hat, scarf, or gloves is moving from unfashionable to uncomfortable.  I'm a bit wistful for Autumn.  It is such a transitional time, always gone before I feel I've fully taken it in.

When I tell friends back in the Midwest that my calendar is booked solid through January, they think I'm being hyperbolic or snobby.  New Yorkers know that it's just simple truth.  Parties, shows, art exhibits, fine dining...whatever your fascination, there's more than ever of it out there to distract you from the cold, gray city.

Here's a quick list of upcoming events I recommend, with more details after the jump.

OUTmusic Awards - Tuesday, Dec. 8
Justin Bond's Christmas Spells - Dec. 9 through 12
Raandesk Gallery of Art (ART2Gift) - Dec. 9, 10, 13, 15
The Meeting - Dec. 14
SWEAT - Dec. 18

OUTmusic Awards - Tuesday, Dec. 8, 7:30pm
This will be my first time attending this event and I'm really looking forward to it.  The idea of specifically supporting out queer musicians really appeals to me.  Plus my friend Liza is producing a fashion segment of the show and Kevin Aviance is being honored, so there will certainly be some fantastic outfits.

Justin Bond's Christmas Spells - Dec. 9 through 12, 8:00pm
Justin is a terrifically talented live performer.  I have serious crushes on every freaky fabulous member of the Pixie Harlots.  The idea of Justin and the Pixies adapting a Kate Bornstein story into a Christmas show nearly puts me in need of changing shorts.  Don't miss this show.

Raandesk Gallery of Art (ART2Gift) - Dec. 9, 10, 13, 15, various events
I met Jessica Porter, the proprietor of Raandesk, at my first job in NYC.  I knew that one day I'd talk about "knowing her when."  She went on to open an online art gallery, which now has semi-permanent space in Chelsea.  She focuses on young NYC artists whose work comes in a range of prices, and her events often combine disparate elements--like getting a free spa facial with an art purchase!  At this time of year, her ART2Gift selection of pieces in the $35 to $500 range might be perfect to check off your holiday list.

The Meeting - Dec. 14, 9:30pm
Justin Sayre is the kind of emerging raw talent from which it's impossible to look away.  Writing, singing, or vamping, whether the spotlight is literal or metaphorical, when it's on him you know you'll be entertained.  Last month's premier show included a gay penguin breakup scene that had me in tears.  You'll laugh your ass off at this one!

SWEAT - Dec. 18, 9:00pm
Khane Kutzwell is a queer barber in Brooklyn, whose art with a straight razor will have everyone turning their heads to get a look at your 'do.  He also throws an insanely fun Brooklyn monthly dance party.  There's very little about this party that is gay, white, or male, and thank gawd for that.  As the tag line says, it's all queer, all genders, all dance, all night.

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  1. Terrific list, Riot. We'll want pics and morning-afters! I might be able to do "The Meeting" and/or "Sweat"