Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PLAY ART (A new art form?)

By Father Tony

My pal and fellow Manhattanite, Bob Gregson, is a "play artist".  Here's what that means:


PLAY ART is a new art form that calls for active participation of the viewer. Only through interaction does Play Art disclose its secrets and inherent principles. It is the intention of Play Artists that their work be touched, influenced, and experienced; these are works that demand to be manipulated, rearranged, or set into motion.

Some Play Artists focus on shapes and structures, others rely on scientific techniques like mechanical principles, physics or digital technology. Whatever the elements, Play Art aims to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Play Art captures the viewer's imagination and gives rise to the joy of discovery by encouraging hands-on experimentation.

Watch the video and tell me if you think this is good art or hogwash.

1 comment:

  1. Play is the essence of life. If you can’t have fun, what’s the point? I’m always pleased to catch a sense of whimsy in someone’s work, whether in art or speech or architecture or—well, you get the point. In this world of predictable patterns, it is delightful to be surprised by the unexpected, a new experience.

    In play art, each moment becomes new. Have you clicked on the artists’ links? It looks like a blast. I love the participatory aspect of this genre. Like Claes Oldenburg says on their page of quotes, “I’m in favor of an art that does something other than just sit on its ass in a museum.”