Wednesday, December 16, 2009

QNY Fashion Alert: The Crested Cloche

By Father Tony

This is the emerging fashion surprise on the streets of New York as the temperature drops. Worn by both men and women, and paired insouciantly with grungewear or almost any other dialect, its sprouts can't help force a smile onto the lips of the wearer and the beholder. I think it takes a bit of confidence, but I would remind you that life is too short to be sacrificed to needless fears. Go for it! Here is a fetching version spotted by the Baad Lamb in the Central Park bandshell.

 More photos of other recent sightings of the crested cloche, after the jump!

I saw this brown one for sale among the discounts on West 27th Street.

And here, in the windows of Bergdorf's is the elegant version prescribed for the ladies who lunch.

A profile of that cute rooster boy in Central Park

I wonder if the sprouts are detachable.


  1. Kinda of a faux sampling of USC Trojan marching band head gear.

  2. Kind of faux USC Trojan Marching Bank Head gear.

  3. Hmmm....I'm just not sure...about my level of confidence, the age-appropriateness of it for me, or the fit, proportion, and silhouette of the look (my Tim Gunn mantra that I use whenever I buy anything now).

  4. I spotted a few of these last year and the trend seems to be expanding slowly this year. I'm enthusiastic about nearly all expressive headgear, so I say if you're tempted, go for it! All bets are off when it comes to keeping the noggin warm during Winter, and I'm betting this look is also toasty comfortable.

    And bravo to the gentleman in Central Park for wearing jeans that fit. Baggy, relaxed, and loose fits are out. This guy is showing us that you don't have to go hipster skinny in order to have a nice lower body profile. Plus fitted jeans make it much easier to have a well-displayed crotch.

  5. Does it remind you of rooster or a cock?