Monday, December 14, 2009

Kruger in the Closet? You Decide.

Posted by Father Tony
Joe reports on protesters at the Brooklyn home of unmarried Sen. Carl Kruger who voted against same-sex marriage. Looking to test out my reliable gaydar on the Kruger face, I was startled to find this photo (by Nikolai Komissarov) of Sen. Krugerrandy being entertained by  Leonid The Magificent.

More startling photos of Krugerrandy and Brooklyn bombshell Leonid to make you go hmmm, after the jump.

This photo of Leonid the Magnificent and Carl Kruger is also by Nikolai Komissarov. (Where is your right hand, Senator Kruger?)

Here are some pictures of the delightful Leonid modeling some of his underwear line.
You will so want to go here for more pics.

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