Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Barista Boys And It's Good For The Prostate

Posted by Donnie:

Today the BBC reports that coffee is good for the prostate. Now now, Not in the stimulation sense, but it may help to lower the risk of prostate cancer and have some limited health benefits.

When I read about coffee, it's hard for me not to reminisce and fondly recall our beloved "Big Cup" in Chelsea. Hard to believe that it has now been closed for over four years. It was standard for us to say lets "meet me at the Big Cup". Aah, the eye candy, cute barista boys, guys in sweats coming from the gym, HX, Metro, Blade and Next magazines strewn all over the brig-a-brag furnishings. It was "the gay coffee joint". Alas, gentrification and rent increases forced its closure. Another nail in the coffin of the gay ghetto.
We still have some nice New York "gay friendly" places such as Ninth Street Espresso on 9th street in Alphabet City and Tompkins Square Park. More of a bakery, but if you can get a seat, Billy's Bakery has luscious cupcakes and good java. I'm sure you all have a favorite place, care to share?


  1. My friends and I were JUST talking about the Big Cup this weekend. It was all about getting a seat and watching the boys strut out in front like they were walking the catwalk. Truly a missed institution.

  2. I moved to the city only about two months before Big Cup closed, and I'm disappointed I never got to enjoy the scene.

  3. There should be more street-side benches in Hell's Kitchen for viewing the parade.

  4. I must immediately recommend Cafe Grumpy, on 20th Street between 7/8 Avenues, right around the corner from where Big Cup used to be.

    Unfortunately, it has none of that comfortable, stay-a-while style. The venue is tiny, with minimal decor and eight tables crammed into space that should hold three.

    However, at Grumpy none of that is the point. You go there for the coffee. And, in my humble opinion, it's the best coffee in the city, and perhaps the country. They're really that good, both in the skills of the baristas, the technology of their equipment, and the quality of their beans.

    I could go on and on. I love the place. I must write an entire blog post about it.