Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please Mr. Postman, more letters like this one.

Posted by Father Tony:

A letter from Birdie:
I'm really enjoying this love letter to NYC. I'm getting to know better the city I fell in love with when I visited for the first time on my 50th birthday. It feels intimate on your new blog. I like the greater attention to personal stories rather than news, which has its place occasionally.

You've mentioned several times Baad Lamb's infatuation with architecture. When I saw the new logo, my first thought was that I would like to know more about it. What is its history? What does it represent? Articles and pictures about NYC's architecture would be fascinating. I don't know if the Baad lamb is at all interested in writing posts like that, but I'm betting the QNY audience would be interested in reading them.

Let me take this moment to tell you about the little video you ran on the Art Burn. Without it, I would have totally dismissed the experience. But your interviews with the promoters helped me get performance art for the first time. I caught the sense of NOW, that this moment existed for itself and for no other time, so take from it what you can. (I like to live that philosophy anyway, but I've never understood it as applied to art. No understanding.) The sense of fun was unmistakable, and I enjoyed the moment for what it was. The spark—no pun intended, but isn't it great?—was the Bradbury book that started the Burn. Perfect. (I taught that book for several years to young teens.) Anyway, thank you for that. One of these days, I would love to have you take me to an art gallery to see it through your eyes.


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